November 14, 2007

Let's Go Green, Let's Recycle

It was the homecoming theme for Park of Cottage Grove this past October. There was a parade to kick off the football game that was played later that evening. I really enjoyed the homecoming parade and how many of the students dressed in accordance to the theme. The theme was Go Green, Recycle The [Visiting Team]. Their name escapes me at the moment. You can see in today's photo some of the dress that resulted in the theme. They had fun dressing up, the boys football team won their game. It was quite the event for the community.

My 3 Daily Photo Favorites:
Minneapolis, Minnesota
West Sacramento, California
Phoenix, Arizona


Chris said...

Thanks for bringing back great memories of our high school football games and all the fun we had!!!

ft. lauderdale daily photo said...

Love the outfits and how you caught the girl jumping in the air. Thanks, also, for visiting my grove of palm trees!

Ann (MobayDP) said...

What fun they seem to be having! :)