December 20, 2007

Change Directions

They turned part of the road in downtown St Paul into a skating rink. I was very surprised to see this when I took a walk downtown over the weekend. To my right is Land Mark Center. The brick building in straight ahead is The St Paul Hotel, straight down the sidewalk you would run into Rice Park and then the library to give the locals an idea where this is if you haven't seen it. It was a bit chaotic watch everyone skate. There were couples skating in opposite directions, people spinning in circles, people standing still just talking, and a couple kids chasing each other. I was waiting around waiting for people to crash into each other, but it never happened while I was there. If you're going to be nearby, throw your skates in the car.


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Jim Klenke said...

What a great way to see downtown. It looks like fun, either skating or watching the skaters.

Ming the Merciless said...

I keep telling myself to go learn how to skate before my bones to get too brittle.