January 24, 2008

Lights, Camera, Blog!

As I sat in my seat at Williams Arena watching the Minnesota Gopher mens basketball team play against Michigan State, I pointed the camera up to the ceiling and snapped a couple of photos. I really was after the structure of the ceiling and all the engineering that went into the making of "The Barn" as it's more commonly known as. The result of the game was a loss for the Gophers. However, since Tubby Smith has become the new head coach, this team is competitive, they are fun to watch, they are darn entertaining and I'm anxious to see what a couple of years will do to the team after Tubby has a couple years of recruits.

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Γουοτ Ιφ said...

snap - great minds think alike! :)
your basketball court looks a heck of a lot warmer though! :) thanks for the link too :)