January 14, 2008

Looking For Adventure

I've posted photos of Sheppard Road at various locations before as it's one of my favorite roads to drive along. It's a great shortcut between areas, it can get you to the airport, it's not traveled my many, and the views it shares as it runs along the Mississippi River can be quite a show. I am looking west up the river. The first bridge you see is the Wabasha Street Bridge, the second bridge, which is hardly visible and is way in the distance is called the High Bridge. Mitch from Daily Minneapolis Photography recently wrote about the depth of view in photos caused by an atmospheric effect. My photo today reminded me of his post.

It's pretty rare to see ice covering this stretch of the Mississippi River. It has to be mighty cold for a long period of time for the top layer to look like a sheet of ice. I did hear, by weeks end, we might be in store for one of those cold spells to hit this area.

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Jim Klenke said...

That looks really cold. Does the river ever freeze all the away across?

Ineke said...

What a beautiful photo ann great angle!

Annie said...

BRRR! A beautiful photo. Love the ice on the river and the many textures along the road and shoreline.

Mitch said...

That's a great picture, it really captures Minnesota Lighting, that cold light blue has a unique feel to it. Thanks for the reference and link to my site!
How are you doing the daily favorites at the bottom of the posts, are you just typing those in?

- Mitch

Steve Cuddihy said...

mitch - it's a lot of cut and pasting on my part. I manually type in a lot of the city names, the tougher ones I'll copy and paste from the CDP portal page as I view them. I use the CDP Portal page to quick view the photos, visit the sites of the photos that catch my eye and copy their direct link in a link.

I also have the 'My Daily Photo Favorites' and the custom graphic size as part of my template for when I create a new post, so I never have to retype any of that when I create a new post.

I list a minimum of three sites, sometimes the photos I like are outstanding, sometimes they are funny, or unique, or related to my photo of the day, or they are a new site to the CDP family.

Susan said...

We always took this road to the airport wehn we were kids - it reminds me of vacation!

FĂ©nix - Bostonscapes said...

BRRRR! Now I know why you needed a warm wallpaper. ;D

Pat said...

I really enjoy looking at the links you put in for you "Daily Favorites" What a great addition.


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