March 29, 2008

Ice Lake

snow This is the south end of the lake at Hamlet Park. This is the smaller inlet, there is a much bigger area of water the more north you walk. By looking at the water, I believe this part of the lake had warmed enough to melt. I could be wrong, perhaps just the top layer melted away. The reason I say that is the ice is clean, flat, and appears undisturbed. Plus it currently is partly frozen, I wouldn't dare walk on a small on the surface. Oh I wish I would have charged my batteries before this snow storm fell. There was so much to photograph that day.


Chris said...

SNOW! AUGH! Sorry. . .I can't help it! ;-) I like both this and yesterday's shots, though. . .Just glad I don't have to be out in them.

Did you read our Pacman news? Sheesh!

If you have a moment, please stop by the blog. I have a great story to share today.

Chris said...

Oops! I forgot to ask this morning how your bracket is doing! Mine is pretty crappy right now! :-(