March 28, 2008

Walk The Line

There is a great little park in Cottage Grove called Hamlet Park. There is a natural lake with an excellent walking path around the lake. The walking path starts in Hamlet Park, around the lake and back. This particular path starts from Hamlet Park.

If you've been view the photos this week, you've noticed the snow collecting on one side of objects. Today's photo is another great example of how the snow was falling. This was one great storm for photo taking.

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MJ said...

Wow...another beautiful shot. Love how the picture shows the perspective view.

Rob said...

You recieved more snow than we did up here in the north metro. Sidewasy snow, blowing wind and all make for great pics like yours.

Gerald (SK14) said...

I've just scrolled down from your 31st Mar post - this is the same road is it not before more of the snow was pushed to one side?

Steve Cuddihy said...

You are correct! Same walking path, one photo is standing, the other is crouched very, very low.