April 14, 2008

Bakken Museum

The first electric bell installed 1878 in Minnesota. One of the more interesting places to visit in the Twin Cities is the Bakken Museum, located on just off of Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Earl Bakken is credited for creating the first wearable, batter powered, cardiac pacemaker and is a co-founder of Medtronics. The pacemaker is one of several medical devices and other important electronic equipment that is housed in the museum. If you visit the Twin Cities some day in the future, schedule the museum on your list of places to see.

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Anonymous said...

If that is a pacemaker and you wore it then the shock must have been exciting. I also like museums and I do like your photograph and narrative.

isa said...

Fascinating stuff! I would not sleep nights, worrying that the batteries are wearing out with each and every beat ;-)

BTW - what kind of "batter" is on your mind? Cookie batter?

Steve Cuddihy said...


.....haha, that's a funny typo. I've gotta leave that one.