April 27, 2008

Spring Is Trying To Grow

This has been a very tough spring to take in this year in 2008. I awoke to a little bit of snow here in the Twin Cities on the last weekend in April. Northern Minnesota had nearly a foot of snow in some parts. I can foresee a very late blooming spring, but some of nature is growing green. I found a patch of moss growing on tree roots on the northern side. Moss, as you should know, typically grows on the north side of trees because....why? Anyone? If you said, sunlight doesn't shine on the north side of objects, you would be correct. That is one way to help find your direction if you are ever lost in a forest.


Jilly said...

Well I learned something today! Thanks, Slinger. And what a lovely shot. Such a green.

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

I'm not sure if the statement is entirely accurate. Tom of Wigger's World did a recent post all about Moss