June 15, 2009

Ghost Ads Guessing Game

I'm sure I'm not alone with these older forms of advertisement and the intrigue they bring. I'm fascinated that they would use the side of a brick building to display their message, but I do suppose the lack of nicely placed flat billboards in town were a few years in the making. So we are left with the guessing game of what product were they advertising.>

There is no doubt, it's a beer advertisement. Pilsener beer of some sort with the word 'Great' in the slogan. Since I know it's local Hamm's Beer comes to mind, but it doesn't fit what I recall about their advertising. So I'm stumped as to what the advertisement was. Any ideas on this ghost advertisement one?

1 comment:

MJ said...

After looking closely at the larger image of your photo, it looks like it might be good ol'Blatz.