April 26, 2010

After The Gold Rush

The skating rink was sold and the building became a night club called After The Gold Rush. The name and format changed to country and became known as Rodeo. The sign simply says 'The Rush'. The Rush is now closed, has been for several years now. I believe it was due to not paying taxes, but I don't recall the details. I've never been able to get a night shot of the sign for this very reason, bummer.

This sign has changed over the years. From my earliest findings, it was a skating rink under the Cheap Skate chain. As times changed, the skating rink was sold and the building became a night club called 'After The Gold Rush'. The locals generally called it 'The Gold Rush'. It remained this name for many years until Country became very popular in the Twin Cities. The name and format changed and became known as "Rodeo", you guessed it, it was now a cowboy bar. Or at least they tried. Several more years pass, the country craze started to simmer around here and the business went elsewhere. So the format had to change again, plus the name didn't quite fit any longer so it reverted back to something sort of familiar, thus "The Rush". As I've mentioned, The Rush has closed and the building sits vacant. I just wish I could capture it lit up one of these nights.


SCRAPMAN said...

This was one of a chain of nightclubs owned by a Dennis Muck. They were built in the early-mid 70s and at their peak there was also an After the Gold Rush in Columbus Ohio, Indianapolis IN and two in Denver CO. One of the Denver clubs closed in 1988, the other was renamed Hollywood Legends in the late 90s and ultimately closed around 2004.
The clubs took their name from a Neil Young song. The circumstances surrounding the clubs closure, and the current whereabouts of Dennis Muck are unknown.

Unknown said...

I worked there I was 19 to 21 black fishnet hoses men's white formal shirts black box ties and 6 inch heels...HI

Unknown said...

I worked there during the opening I bartended for just a few months. It was very busy...... it was a HOT SPOT! I did have fun working there. Vickie M.