May 30, 2010

Moonlight Building

I have to say, I know nothing about this building. I believe it's some sort of bar, the smaller sign reads 'Blues Saloon'. I would have to guess the place has musical entertainment in that music genera. I pulled up to a four way stop sign and saw this building for the first a photo blogger, how could you not take a photograph of this great looking building?

Just looking at the building, it's obviously had a make over recently. I would have to guess, this may have housed a small business on the first floor at one time in its history with living space on the upper floors. That's very common in the Twin Cities as I'm sure it is with many cities with this type of building. I would imagine, the paint job is to mask the different colors of brick. I would bet there was lots of glass on the first floor, but has now been covered. Just a guess, but I'm sure someone has a historic photo of this building. It is located in St Paul, on the corner of Western Avenue and Thomas Avenue.


DI said...

This recent Strib article summarizes the building's colorful past.

Steve Cuddihy said...

That is an awesome article, thanks for the link DI.

I am a bit of a local history junkie, and this article was exactly the kind of information I was looking for.

I had no idea this place was here, yet alone, it had ties to the Blues Saloon, which I do recall driving by as a child quite often....