September 13, 2010

Highland 1 & 2 Theater

I had set out to photograph the Highland Theater located on Cleveland Avenue and Ford Parkway in St Paul. I have this photo, but I waited for 10 to 15 minutes for the police officer to leave. You can see the officer in the photo and there was a very long conversation going on. This gives me a reason to go back to the theater for a full shot without vehicles in front of the building.


Kate said...

Love this art deco theatre which is within walking distance from my house. They show good movies and the place is CLEAN which is a pleasant change from some of the smaller Twin Cities' theatres. I am amazed that there are no cars parked along the curb since this is a pretty busy neighborhood. When you return, give me a holler, and I'll meet you for a coffee!!

Steve Cuddihy said...

Ahh, you are that close to the theater. I love that neighborhood.

We actually were there at Half Price Books, the bird store across the street and then went over to Minnehaha Falls.