September 27, 2006

Zuit Soot

In my attempt a interesting titles other than just what the photo obviously is, I made a stretch at today's attempt, eh?

This smoke stack still bears the name Honeywell and I really have no idea if they are still there in that building or if someone else owns the building today. This plant is about 5 minutes north of downtown Minneapolis on Interstate 35W. I've driven past it many times in the past and had never noticed the words in the brick. Perhaps it was opening my eyes to what is out there since starting this photo blog site or perhaps it was just the angle of the suns reflections off the words at the time. Who knows. What's important is I finally saw it, and now you have too.


Meg said...

Perhaps it was opening my eyes to what is out there since starting this photo blog - think this is happening to a lot of us. But what did tehy used to make there, I wonder!

Carol E. said...

I believe Honeywell is not located there any more. My cousin used to work there. Honeywell is still in the area, just not in that location. (An FYI to meg: they make a zillion things, including thermostats and other stuff relating to home heating, cooling,etc etc etc).

Roger Grupp said...

Hi, Steve,

Tina and I met and got interested in each other at this site years ago. We even decided that we'd like to have a gravestone set in the cemetery 200 yards northeast of the parking lot behind Honeywell. That's where our drum corps used to practice!

The gravestone will say, "Tina and Roger met in 1973 just 200 yards southwest of this spot."

Steve Cuddihy said...

Hey Roger! I'm glad I posted the photo, I've had it for almost three months and didn't have any story about it, so I've sat on the photo. To my surprise, this photo means [or location in the photo] has quite a bit of history.

Your story puts a smile on my face because Melissa and I met in similar fashion, we both worked together for a short time.