April 25, 2007

Build It And They Will Come

The Mississippi River shipping season is open to barge traffic now as of March 28. Almost a month later, the river is starting to warm a bit, but the small boat docks sit empty. Soon they will be filled with boats of all flavors and variety.


Anonymous said...

You have your own kind of seasonal change. Waiting on boats to bloom and we are waiting on flower to bloom. Nice photograph of a mighty river.

Abraham Lincoln

Denton said...

There are so many shades of blue in this photo. I especially like to dark blue in the foreground.

mdtolic said...

Great shot.
I'm looking at this same dock from my office window, on the opposite side of the river, right now. I see that the 3rd slip already has its summer occupant.

yournotalone said...

How cold do they get - the winters?