April 27, 2007

You're In The Jungle Baby

As I was walking down the green stairs that I've recently posted about, I passed this bit of graffiti. I smiled and felt at home. I grew up in this Westside neighborhood, whomever wrote this just wanted to show their westside pride. There even used to be a West Side Pride Day parade. Salute!


delightful-d said...


Neat photos of the stairs! I am curious. Are these stairs located near Concord?
My Grandma lives in S St Paul and my brothers have talked about climbing "the stairs" near Grandma's house. I thought these might be "the stairs". thanks!

Steve Cuddihy said...

You are correct. The stairs are about a block away from where Concord ends. Down from the Boca Chica.

For your info, they have renamed Concord Street to Cezar Chavez Street. Not sure when this happened.

delightful-d said...

Really?? I was surprised to read that they have changed the name. I usually cross the bridge from New Port and go down "Concord" to visit family. I'll have to look at the new name.

Thank you for the information!

PS: We visited Las Margaritas 2 weeks ago :) once again - great food and great service!