May 2, 2007

Historic Cottage Grove Town Hall

Currently being restored, the Town Hall of Cottage Grove served the cities government for 80 years. When it was built in 1881, it was located in the unincorporated village of Langdon. I'm looking for history on the Village of Langdon currently as I was unaware of this village name and how it became part of Cottage Grove.

Photo of the Town Hall before the restoration. Very small photo but it was the only photo I could find. Oddly enough, it's nearly the exact angle I choose for my photo.


Anonymous said...

When I wrote two books about the village I was born in and grew up in, I found a lot of information about our town hall at the county court house and also at the local museum in the county seat. It provided lots of information. Perhaps you can find information that way too. Nice photographs and it is odd how both are from the same point of view.

Kate said...

Nicely done, slinger. Lots of recent good publicity re. Hastings. You really need to take more photos there to delight the rest of us!!

Steve Cuddihy said...

Thanks for the info A.L.

Kate, yesterday's photo was from my walk in Hastings. We discovered a few areas that we had never been to on our walk and I had camera in hand. I'll be posting many of them shortly.