May 4, 2007

The Land Down Under

This perspective is from the underside of the Wabasha Street Bridge in St Paul, heading into downtown. This bridge was rebuilt about 10 years ago, give or take a couple years, and was then renamed the Freedom Bridge. I'm not sure why the bridge was renamed nor the purpose for the name. The bridge is very patriotic as it is lined with many United States flags on the top side of the bridge. Makes for a fitting name.

Top 3 Daily Photo Sites of the Day:
Guelph, Ontario | Selma, North Carolina | Mazatlan, Mexico


Pat said...

What a great perspective of your bridge! I like photos like this of scenes normally folks wouldn't see.

And thanks so very much for posting on the Guelph blog. I appreciate it.

Kate said...

Yes, it is an interesting perspective. I'm on my way shortly to see what's happening in west St. Paul for Cinco de Mayo and will have to stop to take a look here, too. When did you start the "top 3?" I must say, you have great taste :) !!

Steve Cuddihy said...

The 5th of May! Your headed to a great area that celebrates with a passion.

Today is actually the first day. I've been trying to work other daily photo sites into my composition. I had this idea last night to break it out of my composition and make a site of the day. 10 minutes later I expanded it to three....hahaha!

Honestly, I can only visit a good handful of blogs daily, so I guess the top three will be sites will be pooled from the sites I was able to visit that day.

Dad Stuff said...

That's so cool! I was just there on Wed. for the first time and I wondered what was under the bridge. Now I know. Thanks

lv2scpbk said...

Cool photo.

Miguel Angel Servellón said...

It is a very beautiful photography, congratulations