May 19, 2007

The Home Of The Brave

Made a visit to Carpenter Nature Center for their annual raptor release event. It certainly was amazing to see if you've never been to an event like this before. They released four birds on this day. One bald eagle, two red tail hawks and I cannot recall the fourth bird they released. This was the first time I had been to this type of event and had no idea that a place like this existed. The short story, they help injured birds of prey back into the wild. They come in to the center for various reasons, broken wing, the bird was caught in a live trap and had a broken leg, etc. To see these birds up close like this was awe inspiring. Today's photo is of a bald eagle that had been injured in some way, but could never be released back into the wild for fear of it not surviving if it was released. Some of the birds just are not able to be healthy enough to make it. The center is run by donations from public and private charities. All of the workers are volunteers, which again is quite amazing in this day and age.

My Top 3 Daily Photo Favorites
Nelson, New Zealand
Torino, Italy


Meg said...

Thanks, Slinger, and I hope you Minnesotans had a great time last weekend. Looked like a fabulous time.

Kate said...

The bird is stately and beautiful. Great shot; looks like he was posing for you!

Beetle said...

Very perfect posed of the bird and result a fabulous photo!

Janet said...

Gorgeous eagle! Sounds like a wonderful program.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful bird with a hint of a tear in its eye. I suppose it is sad, in a way, because it cannot be released.

When you post pictures like this with these kinds of stories, you should also post an address or something like a URL where people can make donations to help support the center.

There is one in Alaska that I am aware of that takes in all kinds of wildlife but mostly birds of prey and owls and things like that. They also welcome donations of pet food, or did.

Thanks for this post. It is a good thing these people are doing.

Abraham Lincoln

Unknown said...

I am just thinking how sharp and hard the beak is.

Would it be able to open a can? Hmmm

Oh, thanks for making Singapore your fav for the day!

Unknown said...

Wonderful shot of this magnificent bird! I visited bald eagles' natural habitat around Skagit river (WA) and seeing them catch salmon and fly over our heads was incredible.