August 26, 2007

The Road To Nowhere

I've always being amazed when there is heavy fog. It doesn't happen too often around here. I've tried in the past to take photos of it, but I've never been happy with the results as it usually doesn't capture the depth and density of the fog. This photo however I believe captures it pretty decent. Perhaps the secret to a photo of the fog is to have objects close and far disappear. That is what we all like about the fog isn't it? You know what's ahead, but you're not able to see it in the fog.

Let me paint the picture for you: Up ahead is the entrance to connect with Highway 494 that crosses the river, it's rush hour traffic and there are hundreds of cars ahead. There are trees to the left that rise up a cliff, on the other side of 494 is another cliff with houses on top of them. There are very tall street lights that shoot up about 75 feet and cast their light during the dark hours. There is also road constructions on the east bound lanes of 494 where they are building a new bridge. Among the construction are mounds of dirt, trucks, a crane and lots of metal rebar. To the left and continues straight north is highway 61 with more cars on their way to work.

Now can you picture what is not seen?

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don said...

hahahahaha yes i can picture what is not to seen. You can publish the same spot when it's not foggy. I really love the picture. I tryed also a few times to capture a foogy moment..

JaamZIN said...

its great with this fog! at times photos showing almost nothing are tha best:) this picture has a special mood

Neva said...

I posted a foggy picture the other day...this is really good...the fog is moving on!

Kate said...

Good shot, Steve, and the commentary of what I am not seeing is also very good!