May 27, 2008

And Like That....It Was Gone

Follow up from a couple of days ago. I swung by the site of the Green Stairs on the West Side neighborhood. The removal has completed. All I found at the site are the cement stairs and green railing that lead the tower portion.

I also received an email from Carol, formerly of St Paul Daily Photo. She too documented the green stairs with photos. She was able to watch a good deal of the stair removal and took some photos during the process. See her photos here


Anonymous said...

I went to Carol's place to see the pictures there but I still don't know what the green stairs were for or what they looked like. I must have missed something.

Just Roaming The Cities said...

I feel bad that they are gone. I know they were important to you :(

Steve Cuddihy said...

Mainly childhood memories for me and a small historic visual part of St Paul.

The only thing I've used those stairs for in the past 15 years is photo related :)