May 9, 2008

A Victim Of Mother Nature

This very large tree was no match for Mother Nature along the shore of the St Croix River. In all honesty, the photo does not show the size of the tree. It looks rather small in the photo, but it was probably the largest tree in the area that I was in for the photo. If you look close, there is a bird house attached to the midsection of the tree on the left of the trunk. The hole for the birds was about the size of a softball, which is made for very large birds that would nest inside.


Just Roaming The Cities said...

Lots of trees took a hit! There are still many that are buried up to their "knees" in water! When we were at Whitewater we were amazed at the damage the trees and land took form 11 inches of rain falling in 2 days, and the fact that they are at the bottom of a valley. Ouch.
Great shots!

Rob said...

Which leads to the question if a tree falls in the forest... Looks like a wood duck house.