June 10, 2008

Do They Build Houses Like This Any More?

What I can tell you about this home is it's location and the approximate build date. It is located in St Paul in the West Side neighborhood. I would figure the house was built somewhere between 1910 and 1930 as were many of the homes in this neighborhood. It does look like it is made with brick, obviously painted over. But wow, the detail painting someone has taken on this home. Plus the brass roof on the left tower and in two other areas as you progress down to the ground level. I'm not sure what the 'fruit salad' like thing above the two side by side windows is suppose to be, hummmm. That's odd to me. Someone put a lot of time into restoring this home. Unfortunately this is the only photo I took of the home so far. The lower half is covered quite a bit with trees and shrubs, so it was tougher to photograph from the street. I'll make a return visit in the winter when all of the leaves are off of the trees.


Kim said...

Slinger, You didn't have to say anything to make me want to look more. This is a fantastic place. Thanks for showing it to us. I'll look forward to your winter shot, but this is really wonderful as is.
Seattle Daily Photo

Just Roaming The Cities said...

I love homes like this! My dream is to have a job where I can tour old places like this and write reviews on them.