June 24, 2008

Graffiti Under The Bridge

Some local graffiti artist handy work or to the rest of us, a wall that was vandalized by someone with a spray paint can This vandalized wall, I mean, this artistic graffiti can be found in St Paul, under highway 61 at a roadside park which leads into Battle Creek Park. Whomever tagged this wall, had an issue with their black spray paint can. The paint was too thin, or they over sprayed. There are some serious drips with the blank spray paint. See all of the runs now when you look close? This is a terrible job by the vandal who wrote their name on the all. Blah! The white shading effect around the lettering, another terrible job I must say. Very uneven, double sprayed, plus a few places where you went WAY off track of the letter. Perhaps someone finished this for you at a later date? If you're going to vandalize a wall, and then later on have my tax payer dollars clean it up, at least make it look outstanding.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, I must say that overall I supprt you ripping into this toy. The reason it sucks is he's just toy and should stick to paper until he's got some skill. He missed some 3d on the G, there's a difference in the thickness of the 3d, and he's got some weak can control. It looks like he was using rusto to me (just my guess), which means he was spraying the lines too slowly which caused drips. If it was krylon or wal-mart brand paint, I could sympathize. As for the white all over on the G, that was done by someone else attempting to go over it. I wish they would have, but they didn't have the balls I guess. If you catch this kid, drop kick him and steal his paint for me.

Steve Cuddihy said...

Appreciate the feedback. I do have to photograph more graffiti for my blog. I've learned a lot from several different replies on my other graffiti postings. Yours made me laugh, thank you.

For the record, I stick to paper as that is where my skill lies. I'm terrible with paint. I've always loved the creative fonts and other work I've seen.

But yeah, the shading on the G is completely wrong, I noticed it, but the drips from the over spray made me shake my head in discuss.