November 17, 2008

My Visit To Seattle

I spent the majority of last week in Seattle, Washington last week. I was there four days, and only was able to photograph the outdoors one time. I was there on a business trip for work. It was to prepare for Microsoft's new operating system 'Windows 7' that will be released in second half of 2009. I was there for the OPK Fest. Basically it was a training session for preinstalling Windows with their new tools that I use at work. Unfortunately, the even and my hotel was the same location and the hotel was across the street from the airport. Thus I didn't rent a vehicle to explore the city. The event tied me up from 8 until 5:30. It was dark by the time I had free time. But then it was raining when I had free time. Just a bad week to take photos in a new location.

The good news, the final day of my visit, I made my way back to the airport and I was able to see Mount Rainier from gate A14. That was my only view I managed of the mountains. Oddly enough, the hotel you see in the photo was the hotel I was staying at for the week. See how close I was to the airport? I was just happy to be able to see the mountains before I left. With how rainy and cloudy it had been the last few days, I was lucky to get to see it so clearly. I was told, Mount Rainier is about a two to three hour drive from the airport.

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Unknown said...

Amazing capture of the golden sun rays on the building!