November 29, 2008

What Do You See?

Sitting down eating dinner with my family, I looked over my wife of 14 year's shoulder and I see to faces staring back at me. What's even odder about this unplanned photo is how the coffee cups are placed, match the photo of the two upside down coffee cups each one caries. Tell me you don't see a face in each of the cups?


airplane5312 said...

Hehe ... dogs smoking?

Gerald (SK14) said...

they look like "daleks"
I copied it into my photosoftware, flipped it and saw it was a pair of coffee cups but flipped it looks great too as it as if they are defying gravity!

K and/or K said...

I see monkeys getting high. I like your photos.

Meg said...

With really fat lips and cigars sticking out!