November 26, 2008

The Still Of The Night

Night time photograph of the Ashland Oil plant in Newport with streaks of lights on the Mississippi River waters The air was very calm as I drove over the Wakota Bridge yesterday evening. The bridge cross the Mississippi River from Inver Grove Heights into Newport. The plant you see in the distance is the Ashland Oil Refinery. I've been wanting to take this shot for quite some time now. The factory has a ton of lights, in the cooler months it throws steam everywhere. These long streams of lights on the river, I see from time to time. I had to turn around and find a location to shoot from. I was a bit under dressed for the sub freezing temps, so I didn't venture to far from where I parked. I am curious how the area will photograph once the river freeze over and there is snow illuminating the banks of the Mississippi River.


Jilly said...

The steam makes this an even more interesting shot than just a straight reflection. But I love the reflection anyway. Hope you didn't catch a cold. As always a beautiful shot.

Steve Cuddihy said...

Thank you Jilly. The steam is, by far, the best part. The colder it gets, the more steam there is. I will be taking photos of the plant in the future, but from a closer view point to get more detail.

Jane Hards Photography said...

The steam vapour does add an etehreal feel to an already brilliant shot.

airplane5312 said...

The steamy look has a soothing effect. Know just what you mean about wanting to take a particular photo, and even wanting to go back.

The time of year now requires a bit more planning clothing wise, especially once it gets really cold.

Happy Thanksgiving