December 8, 2008

I Am Thankful For

The great set of stairs attached to the Minnesota Science Museum. One thing I am thankful for living in a part of the country that does receive a lot of snow during the winter months is I do not have to shovel those stairs. It's been snowing here off and on the past week, nothing major yet, but enough to get out the shovels. I could only imagine how long it takes a person to clear all of those stairs of snow. Perhaps if I play my cards right, I can snap a photo of them being cleared of snow.


DI said...

Actually, no one shovels those stairs because they are blockaded long before the snow flies. If you look closely at the top and bottom of the stairs, you'll see the white rectangular sign which announces "Stairs Closed" and directs you to the elevators in the parking ramp.

Steve Cuddihy said...

Ahhh, son of a gun, I see the fencing now. It make sense to close them. That many stairs, icy build up....oh the lawsuits...hahaha

Ya know, I recall walking down those stairs after a Minnesota Wild game a couple of years ago. The entrance to the parking ramp on the top level, the west entrance I believe, was closed for maintenance or it was locked for some reason. The elevators were jammed packed and there was a line outside in the cold winters night. Most of us decided to walk down to the bottom of the stairs, into the bottom level of the ramp and back up to the level you parked on. It was windy and cold and quite an unexpected hike.

Standing outside waiting for the elevator or the long walk down the stairs....both were cold that evening.

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