May 30, 2009

Roof Project - Day 1

Today I'm posting a Today I'm posting a "before" photo of the roof of my home. It was in dire need of replacement. Sadly, the shingles are only 15 years old, but they were a "organic" shingle and didn't really last like they claimed. These shingles were on when I purchased my home, so it was out of my hands what was up there. Needless to say, the roof is being replace prematurely.

Today was all about demolition. I took the day off from work to remove the shingles, by myself. I'm sore, I ache, I am tired and my body hurts. I needed to have the shingles removed before all of my help arrives Saturday morning. Everything is coming along fairly well. I have the main part of the house completely removed. All that is left are the shingles on the porch, which is around 280 square feet.


Julie said...

very creative photo and it looks great

Rob said...

Organic shingles? never would have guessed. Roofing is hard work.