July 8, 2006

How Fast Can You Climb Them

When I was young, me and my friends would grab a stop watch and head to the green stairs on the West Side Bluffs in St Paul that overlook downtown St Paul. I'm curious how long these stairs have been in use, but they are very useful for the location. Back to the stop watch story. Now mind you, this was our form of entertainment. We would start at the top of the stairs and yell GO! The game was, who could run down the stairs all the way to the bottom and get back up to the top the fastest would be the winner. One thing we discovered about this area was we found a way to climb up and down the bluff with out using the stairs. We had a makeshift pathway to get up or down the bluffs the hard way.


Steve Cuddihy said...

Looking back, I didn't go in too far into the caves. Thank goodness for that after hearing some terrible things that could have happened.

I have a couple better shots of the stairs, but this was the only photo of the walkway out to the main part of the staircase. Plus there are three people standing on the top level of the stairwell so I had to use this photo despite the poor quality.

PDPB said...

one set of stairs worth trying are up st.pauls cathedral in london - 566 ;)