July 21, 2006

It's "DucT" Tape, Not "Duck" Tape

Each summer in the Twin Cities we hold a contest for the most creative idea with the use of duct tape. There have been some fabulous entries in years past, including a playground slide, 1:25 scale of the Eiffel Tower, 426 Hemi Block & Engine and a working waterfall. The 2006 competition was just as spectacular from previous years including this entry of a working rear hatch door on this Plymouth Voyager minivan. While this entry didn't win the 2006 Duct Tape Contest, it did place 4th in the overall competition and 1st place in the 'real life uses' category.

This may sound quite odd, but we also have a yearly competition in Minneapolis during the Aquatennial Celebration called the 'Milk Carton Boat Race'. Yep, we have a race and our boats are made of milk cartons.

Milk Carton Boat Race Photos


Kris said...

oh my gosh! can someone pimp his ride!

Sally said...

I'm astounded! Of all the festivals in the world I would never have thought of Ceative uses of Duct Tape! Must be a laugh.

Kate said...

I loved the milk carton link, too. These duct tape contests can get very creative.

When you discussed the post dated "time machine" on my link, you didn't mean that the draft automatically posted itself on the correct date did you? Again, thanks for stopping by.

Steve Cuddihy said...

kate, you can change the date of a previous entry [or the one you are currently entering in] but it won't post for you automatically if you set the date ahead at the specific time.

Ryan said...

That is amazing use of duct tape. I think it is funny that you have a competition looking for the best use.