April 22, 2007

It's A Long Way To The Top

Make that 189 stairs in all from the bottom to the top of the green stairs. When I was here taking this photo, there was someone walking up and down the stairs for exercise. I'm not sure how many times up and down she walked, but that is an interesting way to avoid purchasing expensive gym equipment to get the same type of work out. The stairs are located on the bluff in the Westside neighborhood, in St Paul.

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Unknown said...

I live on the 16 floor, I used to walk up all the way, think it has more than 189 steps.

but nowdays, too lazy to do it.

Kate said...

The steps really aren't too bad. It's a great neighborhood for photos.

Carol E. said...

I have walked these stairs with my co-workers. My office is at the bottom! One day I saw a group of fire fighters training here.. running down, running up, running down, running up. They did that at least four times before I gave up and stopped watching.

Deb said...

WOW! I've never seen these stairs! What a great workout, with a fantastic view as the pay-off!

Steve Cuddihy said...

I went photo crazy in this area and will be posting more photos from this area and beyond. It's such a fun area for photos at different times of the year.

The view is fantastic as well. If you are at Mounds Park on the east side, you can see these stairs. I've posted several photos from that bluff in the past.

I grew up in this neighborhood where the stairs are. We would race up and down the stairs quite often. There are also ways to go up and down this bluff without using the stairs. A bit dangerous and my folks who visit my daily photo site would have killed me if they knew I did that back then. It was a bit dangerous if you were not careful.