May 7, 2007

60 Miles Per Hour Wind Gust

We had some very high wind speeds here in the Twin Cities today. The wind gust topped off around 60 miles per hour. The strange thing was, there was no rain in sight where I was. It was all winds, just like it was a severe thunderstorm, but lacking the rain. Lots of tree branches down, items blown over, found a couple new things that blew into my yard. For todays daily photo, I can only imagine what this large weather vane looked like during the wind storm today. This unusual sized weather vane can be found in downtown St Paul right next to the farmers market. I left the light pole and the fire hydrant in the photo for size reference.

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Unknown said...

Looks a massive structure. Reminds me of one of the tripods from War of the Worlds.

yournotalone said...

Never seen anything like this. Must have been spinnuing real fast:)

Carlos Lorenzo said...

Amazing vane. It looks like a giant machine from War of the Worlds!