September 16, 2007

Under The Lights

I'm finding night photography can be a challenge, especially when there is movement involved. Throw in a lack of a tripod and to me this is a so-so photo. I'm so new at night time photos, so for me, this is on the job training. Try a a setting, see how they turn out, tweak the settings, see how it looks now. It's coming around, photo by photo. The darkness adds in so many elements to discover. Those of you who are familiar with nighttime photography, I'll take any advice I can get.

Any way, today's photo is from the same game as yesterday's football photo between Cottage Grove and Woodbury. This time, the sun has dropped below the horizon, the lights are on, and Zentmrs of San Diego, California, formerly of Woodbury, Class of 1984, Woodbury Royals are victorious. I graduated from St Paul Humboldt, so this doesn't bother me all that much.

My 3 Daily Photo Favorites:
Jakarta, Indonesia
Miami, Florida - little older, but a great football photo
Detroit, Michigan


Rob said...

loooks great to me. Night pics are difficult with the lack of light, and having to contend with street and/or building lighting. Add in movement...but this is great! Wow, no tripod either.

Dustin said...

My exgirlfriend is from Woodbury, so, like you, I hope Cottage Grove wins!! ;-)

Flagstaff Daily Photo

Susan said...

Yea Royals! ;-)

I'm working noght photography as well - a whole different technique!

Curly said...

I wonder, how many people(on average) attend a high school game?

Some great photos again this week, I've enjoyed it!

South Shields Daily Photo

Rick Wezenaar said...

nice shots !

interested in exchanging links ?

Rick Wezenaar