September 19, 2007

Curb Side View

The city hall in Hastings, I've been here before and have shown you the rear of the building. I promised to return and show you other views. This is one of the side entrances to the building. The trees really hide a lot of the beauty of the building unfortunately.

My 3 Daily Photo Favorites:
Constanta, Romania
Baziege, France
Szentes, Hungary


Anonymous said...

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Rob said...

Beautiful! Yet the trees add that natural element. I wonder what this will look like in winter without the leaves and lights shining on the building.

Rob said...

And a little snow, (there, unfortunately I said that word, s.n.o.w.)

Unknown said...

Very nice pictures.
I really like night shots with a tripod and a long time interval.

Anonymous said...

thank you it works...and i add you to my every day blog that i read...

Kate said...

Very nice! You are really working at these night shots!! It's a beautiful building, by day or by night.