July 18, 2006

It's Just A Step To The Left

Sitting at the stop light in downtown St Paul on the corner of Wabasha and Kellogg Boulevard, looking to the left is the old commerce building. The building itself sits on 4th Street and Wabasha Street, so I'm about a block away.


Kate said...

Thanks for stopping by. Re. your comment about the Body Worlds photo--I'm still learning and haven't figured out how to enlarge my photos. Just click on them for a closer proximity to reality. The photo then looks more like the mural, which is HUGE!

Steve Cuddihy said...

You betcha. I thought the wall with the mural was smaller in real life. As for your photo size, they are just fine. I always have to shrink my photos as I have them set to very large in my camera settings. Then again, I get to crop out some parts I don't want in the photos.