September 30, 2007

Revisiting Cottage View

I made a return visit to the Cottage Grove Drive In theater on Friday. My original photo at this location I really liked, but I wished I had a bit more sun light in the photo. Besides, this is the final season the theater will be open and a photo like this will be gone forever unfortunately. I am happy with the amount of daylight left in this shot.

There is talk of putting a walmart store in this location. Yet there is another one of these stores in the neighboring city to the north, south and west, all within a 15 minute drive of this location. Their thinking is it will bring in shoppers from the other communities. Why on earth would someone drive to Cottage Grove to shop at walmart when there is already one in their city? Wouldn't it make more sense to build something original that the other communities don't offer? I've talked to my wife about running for city council in the past, this may be the last straw that gets me to be serious about it.

My 3 Daily Photo Favorites:
Quito, Ecuador
Bastia, France
Wellington, New Zealand


Chris said...

I can one-up you on your Wally World story. . . .One opened about five miles from the mall a few years ago. They are now talking about opening *another* one right next to the mall. The two stores would literally be a little less than five miles apart. RIDICULOUS!

Lynette said...

Oh, I so glad that this photo loaded just now. It wouldn't earlier when I stopped by. It is stupendous.

Thanks for much for visiting my theme post. Let me tell you, the Stephens surprised me, too, first when I saw them online and then when I stood in front of them at Lone Fir!

Before I go, let me say I firmly believe that Wal-Mart is dreadful to saturate areas like you're explaining and that Chris mentioned in her comment. Around here Wal-Mart has run into opposition but who knows what will happen if they keep chomping at the bit.

Ben Nakagawa said...

Guess what, I found you at photogigg. Good luck!