October 10, 2007

Half-Time Entertainment

It was a proud moment for me and wifey a couple Friday's ago. As part of the half-time entertainment, my son and his football team showed their talent and skills on the field for the Park of Cottage Grove high school football game. He was so thrilled to be out there on the real football field. The squad did very well considering the hundreds of people watching them perform. My son is in the Wee Pee division which is for 3rd and 4th graders only.

If you are wondering which one is my son, he is in the red uniform, on the front offensive line. His left foot and left hand are touching the yellow circle painted on the turf. He is the only one visible that is touching the yellow line.

My 3 Daily Photo Favorites:
Palm Springs, California
Torino, Italy
Wellington, New Zealand


Janet said...

I see him! What a proud, American moment.

Anonymous said...

That is a splendid period. I like your photo of it too.

Lynette said...

Neat-o! He certainly has good-looking form, there on the line. I know all three of you were tickled pink.