October 12, 2007

On The Straight And Narrow

My normal exit I would take to get to my home was closed for about five weeks for some road construction. This brought about a bit of a delay while taking the detour. It did however bring me to different parts of Cottage Grove and a few new ideas for photos. I'd been taking this road for a couple weeks, the sun sets a bit later each day as the fall season approaches. I hit this day a bit later than normal and the sun was just at the right spot, I thought with the sun behind the trees, it could make for a nice photo. I'm happy with the results.

I must say, there is a glimpse of the view from the top of the hill in this photo. There is a lot to see, but it's very tough to get a clear visible shot. I'm going to take a few photos from the top of the hill one of these days, but I honestly believe for a grand view, I'd have to do a little bit of trespassing to get the shot I want. There is farm land on one side and homes on the other, not leaving much for photographers.

My 3 Daily Photo Favorites:
Wichita, Kansas
St Louis, Missouri
Nashville, Tennessee


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

What a beautiful view!!

Rob said...

A view in perfection, wow! Proof that the commute back and forth can show us wonderful views.

Chris said...

Isn't it amazing how the angle of the sun changes everyday at the same time simply because of the way the earth is turning and rotating.

Thanks for mentioning my blog today!

photowannabe said...

Really nice view. You caught the sun in just the right spot. Your line of perspective makes the shot interesting.

don said...

wooowww what a great shot love the total picture. That a beautiful drive going home i think!!