October 4, 2007

Meet Hanna M. Atkinson

Hanna M. Atkinson was the wife of John Atkinson. Hanna was a wife of a farmer, which was a very common practice in the rich fields of Cottage Grove. She was born in Maine on December 19, 1810. John and Hanna were pioneers of the time and settled in Cottage Grove in 1846. Hanna passed from cancer at the age of 64 in 1873. The exact date and month conflict of her actual death. As you can see, the gravestone sites September 17, 1873. Two registers of death list October 11 or October 12.

One note of interest on the tombstone. Bwide of Riverfalls, Wisconsin, which is about less than 50 miles from my location. He posted a tombstone photo for the October Theme Day. I see a huge similarity between the two stones. The shape, font, similar layout, size and the age of the stone all look too coincidental. Is it possible that the make of Hanna's gravestone, and many others in Atkinson Cemetery, are the same tombstone make for the one posted at the River Falls Cemetery? Take a look at the photo and see for yourself.


Mountainboy said...

It's a very stylish stone, looks more modern than it is.


R&R said...

Very interesting, perhaps there was a common tombstone maker at that time.

Kate said...

The Atkinsons certainly were prominent! Perhaps the design of the tombstone is a standard one?

bwide said...

What a great couple days worth of posts!

A few years back, before I knew of your cemetery, I picked up a book with histories of cemeteries in Dakota and Washington counties. I'll try digging it up and see if they have any info. I know the book came from the historical society up in South St. Paul, and they were really gung-ho to help out.

Steve Cuddihy said...

Over the past few years, I've really gotten interested again in my local cities history. This theme day has energized me for my town of Cottage Grove and it's early days.

The Cottage Grove cemetery, which is a much much larger cemetery, I'll be paying a visit too soon.

There is a historical society building in South St Paul, I did not know that. I'll have to investigate someday soon.

Clueless in Boston said...

Very interesting looking stone. How come its laying flat on the ground? Did it topple over, or was it made to lie flat?

The stone's similarity to the other tombstone could indicate the same creator, or simply a style that was prominent at the time.

I can't read the small print on the stone, but one historical correction is that Maine in 1810 did not exist. Maine became the 23rd state as part of the Missouri Compromise in 1820.