October 23, 2007

New And Old

Just before I posted today's photo taken near the farmers market in downtown St Paul, something stood out to me that hadn't occurred to me when I took the photo, nor when I processed it for adding to the site today. The front of the brick building is complete newer than the rear portion of the building. Which then brings to question, was the front of the building was refaced with the newer brick, or was it a completely new addition to the building? The brick color obviously doesn't even come close to a match.

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Port Angeles, Washington
San Diego, California


Kate said...

Interesting observation. I'll have to take a good look the next time I'm at the Market!

Chris said...

I've noticed in a number of cities that when they either remodel or expand a building, they tend to use different color brick. Are the designers color blind or something? Makes no sense to me. . . .