February 8, 2008

Window Of Opportunity

View of the windows for the Saint Paul Athletic Club building in the Twin Cities Another view of the St Paul Athletic Club building from yesterday's post. The building was finished in 1917 and the craftsmanship that went into the building shows the beauty of the building in these windows. The top arch of the window sill stand out the most. I'm curious if there was ever anything placed in the circles of the arches. Then you'll notice the large pillars between the pairs of windows. Also something that looks like it could have been a railing at the bottom of each window. It looks like something belongs there. Now back to the top of the arches, above them all of the bricks you see laid side to side and you only see the butt end of the bricks. Very unique design. Why the small diamond shape between the window arches? So much work went into the windows alone on this building.

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Kate said...

Great caption for the photo, Slinger.