October 3, 2006

I Wish To Welcome You To....

For some reason I was humming the Munchkins from the Wizard Of Oz singing in their high pitch voices, but substituting Cottage Grove in place of Munchkin Land. Sing it out loud right now, it flows perfectly.

Any way, this sign on Highway 61 south is seen just as leave St Paul Park and you enter the land of Cottage Grove, established in 1843. Us property tax payers spent a lot of money on that sign and the upkeep of the trees and lawn through out the year. Someone has to enjoy it, that is your task of the day to enjoy the 'Welcome To Cottage Grove' sign. I expect a full report on how much enjoyment you received from today's entry.

1 comment:

Carol E. said...

I especially enjoy the fact that you took this photo from a moving vehicle and survived to tell about it. (I've done that, too. Shhh.) I can see the blur of the road on the bottom of the picture which tells me you were moving. And hey, why are the trees there still green? What's up with that?