October 21, 2006

Let's Play Hockey

It's hockey season once again and the Minnesota Wild are off to their best start in their short franchise history. They won their first six games of the season and tonight had their first loss. This photo is from the Wild vs Chicago Blackhawks from a couple of weeks ago.


Olivier said...

fan de NHL, elle passe en france. j'adore les sports US (meme si j'ais une preference pour la NFL) et je trouve la NHL tres impressionnante a regarder.

fan of NHL, it passes to France. I adore the US sports (same if I board a preference for the NFL) and I find the NHL very impressive has to look at.

Meg said...

Ummmm... Wilds? What happened to the North Starts?

Steve Cuddihy said...

Olivier - Hockey is very popular in Minnesota, you would enjoy it here.

Meg - Well, hummmm, the back in the 90's the North Stars were bought and sold to an owner named Norm Green. His nickname turned out to be, Norm Greed as he got a better hockey area deal in Dallas, Texas. So he moved the team to Dallas leaving us Minnesotians without a hockey team. Of all states to not have a hockey team, Minnesota would NEVER make the list. Our state breeds hockey players [well, those in Canada would argue].

Norm Green has since sold the Dallas Stars [they dropped the 'North'] and to this day, still tops the list of the most hated Minnesotians. I believe he is listed at number 2.

I believe we were without a NHL hockey team for seven years if I recall correctly. It has taken me a couple of years to start enjoying NHL hockey again. Plus the name 'wild' took a bit to get used too for their team name.

Eric said...

Hi Slinger,

I need to send you an email, could you please drop me a line at eric (at) parisdailyphoto.com

Thank you.

Meg said...

Slinger, Slinger, Slinger, remember Lake Placid? At least the Twins and Vikes are safe, I hope; I'm lost track of the Lakers and the Kicks, though. (Maybe you were too young?)

Steve Cuddihy said...

I recall my dad hooting and hollering about the Olympic games in 1980. I recall him saying that the United States hockey team beating the Russia was historic. I didn't quite understand as I was only 10 at the time.

I went to one game of the Kicks, but really only know the name and not much from it at all.