October 10, 2006

Let's Take A Closer Look Bob

I must correct yesterday's entry. In my hurried effort to post a little info on the Cathedral of St Paul, I googled in error and ended up at St Paul's Cathedral. Well the St Paul's Cathedral is in the city of London! So yeah, 300 years ago THEIR cathedral named St Paul's was built, again. This Cathedral of St Paul was scheduled to hold it's first mass on Easter Sunday, 1915. However, they finished work a week early and it was held Palm Sunday. This is the fourth building that has been named the Cathedral of St Paul.

The dome is 120 foot wide, curved steel beams, covered with a clay tile surface and overlaid with copper. The copper lantern on the very top is about 30 feet tall. In the photo, I'm standing on the North West corner which is higher up on a hill.

They have a 'virtual tour' page on their website, You can visit the tour here. It has a fairly detailed map of the insides.


edwin s said...

great shot!

Olivier said...

Le dome est superbe. la photo est tres belle et quel ciel

Kate said...

Wonderful foto and good historical bkgrd. on the link. Thanks!

Zannnie said...

nice photo!:) love that blue sky!!



Steve Cuddihy said...

olivier - Merci de vos mots aimables.

I figured I'd better do some additional research considering my timeline error from a couple of days ago. Their history page on the cathedral(s) is quite short, but hits all of the basic information most people care to know about.