October 6, 2006

No Clever Caption Needed

Today's photo is another drive by photo shooting series. I saw the couple standing there as I was approaching, quickly grabbed my camera, powered it on a snapped the shot in a matter of seconds. [If you look close you can see a bug splat spot from my windshield on the mans collar] I'm not sure what to think of the signs they are holding. There was not an abandoned vehicle anywhere on the road I was traveling on. I see the dollar sign for the letter "S". If I were to guess, his sign should read "Need Cash". I'd never seen any pan handlers in this location [in Eagan] nor anywhere else nearby, so they caught me with surprise.

The one question that always pops into my head is, who stops and gives money to people with the usual 'Will work for food' signs? I've read stories of people who do this make more than enough to make a living on, but are these stories really true? Who's giving their money away if it is? Could you ask for a receipt so you can write it off on your taxes as a charitable donation?

I do like this photo though as it shows what a lot of us see here in the United States. I've never given money to anyone holding a sign before, but I have dropped a buck or two into a musical case/hat of someone playing an instrument outside of a sporting event or concert. We've all seen them too, but I have no problem giving money for their musical talent as they are working or doing something for their paycheck.

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Kate said...

I wish that this was not a problem anywhere in the world. I don't donate either; I give my money to established programs to ensure that the money is spent wisely (I hope!).