November 26, 2006

Best Pizza In St Paul

If you are ever in town, Cossetta's Pizza on 7th Street just outside of downtown is the place to visit. I've been getting pizza from Cossetta's for many years. They used to own a building about two blocks away, at the time, it had no indoor seating and they had three or four tables outside that were used only during the warmer months of the year. The place was very small, but the pizza was outstanding. When they moved to their new building, the pizza was the same, they added indoor seating, and life for them is good as can be. They are about a block from the Xcel Energy Center and get tons of business before any events. If you cannot make it in to eat, they recently added this two stall "to go" parking spaces so you will never have trouble finding a spot to pick up your pizza.


Jing said... theme, my tummy is angry now.


Olivier said...

voila une photo sponsorisée par "Cossetta's Pizza" ;o)) une bonne pizza...

veiled a sponsored photograph by “Cossetta' S Pizza”; O)) a good pizza......