November 14, 2006

Oh What A View

If you wonder around the Mall Of America in Bloomington into the rides area. It was called Camp Snoopy when it first opened, but is now just called, the Park At The Mall Of America. I guess the contract with the Snoopy name was up and they couldn't agree on something, so the name was dropped to it's current generic name. If you look up in the park area, you can always tell what the weather is like as the entire roof is made of what you see. Glass? Plexiglas? Something see-through? Plus you can look at the heating ducts and how well they are blended into the structure.


Annie said...

And isn't that just what is so special about a mall - one can shop from store to store without being bothered by the weather. I once was stranded in a hotel next to the Mall of America but because there was a blizzard outside everything was closed. My one chance to see the place blown!

Carol E. said...

This is off the topic of your picture. I just today noticed you posted a question at my secondary blog where I post surplus photos. The Red Hat Society started because of the poem, "When I am 50 I Shall Wear Purple." Someone was celebrating a 50th birthday, and was given a red hat as a gift. She and her friends decided to dress in purple with red hats in honor of being 50. It spread rapidly and has become an international group. There are rules about how to start groups and who gets to wear purple & red. If a woman is in her 40s she wears lavendar and pink. Once she turns 50 they have a celebration with a special name that I've forgotten, and then she can start to wear purple and red. The woman who starts a group is called the Queen. The groups are just formed to have fun and be free of things that might have held them back when they were younger. They go out to eat, go to activities, usually just for fun. It's never work related unless they are volunteering. There are web sites that explain it all, and they had a national (or international, I don't know which) conference in Las Vegas last summer. You'll see them here and there... I've seen groups of them in the audience at game shows such as Wheel of Fortune.

Steve Cuddihy said...

Thank you for the info Carol. I shall pass it along to wifey as well.

Poor Annie. In a motel next to the MOA and it is closed due to snow. Hopefully you shall see it on your next venture to these parts of the woods.

Beka and Jason Haché said...

Interesting fact about Camp Snoopy in MOA, I'm away from the Twin Cities for the year, so I love your pictures from our "home". I've been in Bloomington for 6 years (before coming to Ukraine in Sept.)
Great stuff!