November 3, 2006

Welcome To Fright Night

In my neighborhood in Cottage Grove, for the past 6 or 7 years, there is one house that goes way beyond the norm for Halloween celebrations. They put on a haunted house for the kids, mom and dad, anyone who wants to enter the haunted maze, they are welcome. Get this, the haunted house is free of all things. That my friends gets the top Halloween award. I believe the person in the photo dressed up as Dracula is the owner of the home that puts on this wonderful event. I know a lot of direct neighbors help out year after year.

I drive by this home quite often, so I see a couple months before Halloween happens that there are items going up in the yard. Tombstones, bats hanging from trees, the gateway into the backyard where it all starts. So much work and effort goes into this and to top it off, the last couple years he has been asking for food donations so they can collect food for the food drives that happen around Thanksgiving time. It's a win, win situation for all.

Hats off to who ever you are that does this for the kids and adults. My son has been through the haunted house now two years and he looks forward to so he can brag to his friends that he went to a haunted house.

So we went through the line around 8:30 and there was about 150 people behind us when we went into the beginning of the adventure. I asked how many people had been through this year and their count went we entered was 713 people!

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JaamZIN said...

its really very nice of Mr. Dracula to give his house...I hope he didnt require blood for it. I really like this self-organized community events.