November 10, 2006

Someone Call A Medic

Medic you ask? I did not notice it when I took the photo, but in the lower left corner of the photo is an Army medical vehicle of some kind. My intention was of the barn in the backyard of a home here in Cottage Grove. I believe this area was farm land at one time and perhaps the barn was part of the original farm. Today it is a barn in the back yard of a newer home, but they have a good plot of land to go along with it. Oddly enough, this photo was taken on Military Road, which is part of the "back roads" as we say here in Cottage Grove. Really the back roads are just a way to get from city to city without traveling on the highway.


Marie McC said...

What a great looking barn! If you can ever get any closer, I'd love to see a tighter shot one day.

Steve Cuddihy said...

I'll try, because it is a great classic looking barn, but it is far off of the street and thre are trees and other objects in the way, it will make it tough....but who knows