May 1, 2007

Rita Hayworth Gave Good Face

Rita Hayworth - Please Don't Kiss Me

Chris over at the Minneapolis Daily Photo has posted not one photo with a face, but two photos with a face. I felt compelled to keep up with the Jones, so to speak. I had taken this photo about three weeks ago in Hastings while on a walk with my family. We happened to pass by this somewhat abandon train cars with lots of graffiti. After being challenged to a face off, I figured that this graffiti face was my answer to the surprise attack.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine pulling that rig down the highways of America? Have you ever read some of the "dirty" signs on the backs of trucks?

My Theme Day portrait is of the "Peashooter" and the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Hope you like flying.

Ham said...

Is that egg pouring down from on top of his head?

Kate said...

Ham, if it's not an egg, it should be!!